2010 Speed judging competition with Haverhill Wheelers, Sunday 19 September

September 19, 2010

The competition involves riding a 3 mile (hilly) circuit in both directions, and trying to achieve the same time in each direction – no computers or watches allowed. Thanks to Ted Jackson of Haverhill Wheelers for his efficient organisation.

Time differences as follows:

Viv Marsh      CCS 0 sec
Alistair Baker Haverhill 2 sec
P Wiseman Haverhill 3 sec
Colin Dales CCS 5 sec
Robin Weaver CCS 6 sec
Terry Law CCS 8 sec
David Rose CCS 10 sec
Andrew Hoppit CCS 11 sec
David Fenn CCS 23 sec
Mark Gentry CCS 31 sec
Peter Whiteley CCS 35 sec
Barbara Law CCS 49 sec
Mac MacDermott CCS 63 sec
M Grainge Haverhill 64 sec