Falling Leaves Hill Climb

Cycle Club Sudbury organise the ‘Falling Leaves’ Open Hill Climb in autumn each year, incorporating the East District Cycle Association Championship.
This is held on Watson’s Hill,  from the B1115 Hadleigh to Bildeston road at Semer bridge up towards the Hollowtrees farm shop. The road will be closed, making this a great event for both riders and spectators.
Hollowtrees Farm Shop on the A1141 is used as the Headquarters for this event. Refreshments are available on the day, both before and after the event.

To be held in 2024 at 11am on Sunday 29 September.

Course details.
Course BHC/1.
Start: at edge of driveway approx 5 yards from electricity pole 5 at foot of hill.
Finish: at gap in hedge just over brow of hill, on left.
Link to map of course; course
If practicing on the course, please keep clear of the house driveway at the start.

Semer Hill Climb entry form; enter on-line on the CTT website, or CTT Entry forms to be sent to the organiser  BY 11.59pm,  17 September.