Club Runs

The weekly club runs leave Market Hill Sudbury at 9am every Sunday. There are up
to four groups; a social ride of about 40-45 miles at the speed of the slowest rider,
with a cafe stop; a medium ride, 40-45 miles, again with a cafe stop, about 14-
15mph; a medium fast ride of similar distance, usually about 17mph, usually with a
café stop; and (maybe not every week) a fast ride, often without a café stop – slower riders on this group may
be dropped – that won’t happen in the other groups!. There is a nominated ride
leader. New riders, visiting riders, and those thinking of joining the club are welcome;
you can take part in up to three ‘taster’ rides before joining the club.
Other unofficial club rides and faster training rides are generally arranged by club
members via the Cycle Club Sudbury Facebook page.
There is also a Wednesday social club run for members, with a cafe stop.