About This Site

This web site has been put together for the members of the CCS and all fellow cyclists.

We welcome like minded cyclists to join our community.
To combat spam, trolls and other interweb nasties, there is limited access to the website content. If you find errors, or want anything added, please contact Robin Weaver at robin@cycleclubsudbury.com; we hope you understand this to maintain a high standard of site content suitable for all.

A number of Club members contact each other to arrange informal rides etc via the Cycle Club Sudbury Facebook page; registration access to this is controlled by the members. People not registered to the site can see who members are, but cannot access content on the page.

The basis for this website is the ever popular blogging software; WordPress. It has been modified to run as a CMS solution to meet the club’s requirements.

There is also an RSS feed from the site, if you want to keep track of the going’s on in the club.