Interclub Hill Climb at Dalham (Not So Sure)

November 12, 2007

12 club members, sound in body, but not in mind, assembled to wrap up the Interclub Championship at the Dalham hills. 5 souls had braved the strong winds and rain to cycle over. 2 had driven what was to be a 100 mile round trip for them to get there, for the last event of the year. Start time came and went without anyone else arriving, so after an informal ╩╗club championship╩╝ race to the top of the hill by our now disappointed group, we all made our way back home, slightly peeved that no one from the other 2 clubs had bothered to turn up.

So, cutting a long story short, it appeared that we were at the wrong venue as it was being held a mere 2 miles up the road at Primrose Hill, Moulton, all as detailed in our very own Spindle and from which 12 grown men had failed to spot. Hmm.

Next years event is to be held in Limbo, which is south/east of Newmarket. Details tofollow nearer the time.