New Club Clothing

April 30, 2008

After some serious hard selling from clothing secretary Colin Dales we are now at a point where as a club we need to think about placing an order for more stock.

There has been noted some rumors amongst the ranks regarding the designs; both present, old and future. To which obviously opens up a debate as what the club should do.

If the club feels there should be a re-design so be it. If it should stay as it is then all the best. I am offering the club as a whole to have their say on what happens next.

We all know the current design, orange white and blue. Some of you remember the older orange white and black design, I’ve even been given an original shirt by Geoff. But rather than just designing something that might be liked by the club or presuming the current version is best, why not open the floor to suggestions. To which I invite you to design the next CCS kit.

In the greatest ‘Blue Peter’ fashion you can use what medium you choose and let your creative juices flow. All I ask is that you keep your ideas based around the club colours which are orange, black and white. We will keep it simple and follow the trend of plain black shorts.
Also incorporating the club’s web site details would be great.
You will not be marked down for going over the lines!
We will be closing the doors on club member submitted designs on the 9th May and there will be an open meeting on the 21st May where you can view all submitted work; including previous and existing designs. At the meeting you can cast your vote on which should be the next club kit. You can submit your entries in hard copy to 51 Gregory Street, Sudbury Suffolk CO10 1BA. Or via the interweb on

If you have a view or wish to pass comments then you will have your opportunity so mark up your calendar for the 21st May at 20:00 – 20:30 at the Stevenson Centre, come along and see what people think. I’m sure we can put a cup of tea together for you.