First CCS Quiz Night

December 16, 2007

The quiz night that was held on Thursday 13th December was a success.
We had a good selection of club members with their families turn up to compete in a very random quiz with a twist. We had two timed rounds with extra points gained with various picture and dingbats questions.

People turned up in twos and made teams of 4 or 5 which generally consisted of couples and families except team Rush who only had one Rush in there, I think the rest were honoree oneʼs for the evening.
So the teams that were battling it out were Team Rush, The On Timers (who turned up late!), Chain Reaction, Dougal and the Muppets. Due to the questions being random in the first round it was close between the teams but the On Timers were in lead. The second round saw the teams scores stretch out even further with at one point Team Rush who were trailing, catching up with the On Timers.

It would all boil down to the secret round on the Tour de France I had planned to throw any non cyclistʼs off which the On Timers were not cyclistʼs, they were Adamʼs family. At this point their was less than 10 point between them and a total of 15 points from this round. It was a multiple choice paper so there was a chance that any one not knowing the history of the tour could take a guess. Peter and I kept the scores a secret from the last two rounds as we read out the answer’s and heard cheers and groans from around the room.

The moment of truth, who won. It was a even score between Team Rush who consisted of Roger, Adam, Colin, Brian and Geoff and the On Timers who was Lyn and Ken, Adamʼs Mum and Dad, Sean his brother and Sarah, Seanʼs girlfriend.

Well done to you who won prizes and to all who took part. Other prizes went to the Muppets and Dougal for the extra picture rounds. Iʼd like to thank Peter for helping me in the quiz master duties and the internet with the questions.